Arabic With Amjad

Hi there! I'm a Syrian refugee based in Amman who teaches Classical & Modern Standard Arabic to non-native speakers.


Classes & Pricing

The path to the mastery of Arabic requires a clear vision, strategy and mindset that very few students seek before setting out to study Arabic. I offer high-quality Arabic lessons customized uniquely to the student’s needs and requirements based on a personalized assessment of his or her Arabic level. This gives each student a clear road to mastery in the Arabic language.

My online programs are private 1-on-1 live sessions. The rates below are for one person. Please contact me below regarding rates for group students.

  • Classical Arabic (Fusha) - $25 per hour

  • Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) - $25 per hour

  • Levantine Dialect (Ammiya) - $20 per hour

  • Arabic Pronunciation (Tajweed) - $15 per hour

  • Conversation Partner - $15 per hour

  • Customized Texts - $25 per hour 


Academic Experience

Arabic Instructor
Private Tutoring, Damascus
2008 to 2011

MSA & Classical Arabic Instructor
Madarik Institute, Amman      
Summer 2016

Academic Instructor
al-Mashriq Institute, Amman
2013 to 2015



BEng (Mechanical Engineering)
University of Damascus
Fall 2004 to Summer 2009

Ijazat in Islamic studies
Different mosques in Jordan & Syria
2004 to Present


Skills & Languages





Arabic, English (Native fluency)

Turkish (Beginner)



Dr. Najeh Abu Orabi
Director of Arabic Instruction, CIEE
Amman, Jordan
(+962) 799 451 222

Noushad Ilahi
Ibn Haldun University
Istanbul, Turkey
(+61) 481 082 713


Student Testimonials

Amjad is an excellent teacher! Not only was he efficiently adapting to our needs as a busy family trying to learn Arabic in Jordan, but he also used our daily experiences as case studies to teach practical vocabulary and speaking situations which could be used in our everyday human encounters, making it easier for us to live abroad and become more independent. I’d highly recommend him as a teacher.
— Antoine Bernardeau & Khadija Sanogo, France
Amjad knows how to teach at the highest level. I can personally speak from experience that he can take a difficult Arabic concept, and make it look easy. This is the hallmark of a great teacher! He knows how to explain the material.
— Ameen Mukhtar, USA
Amjad is an extremely able and helpful teacher who tries to understand the needs and the current language ability of the student, and tailors his teaching in a caring and reassuring manner. On top of this, he’s a lovely person, and his lessons are thus easy to receive and understand.
— Taiyub Raja, UK
A great teacher who is wholeheartedly dedicated to his profession of teaching. The range of learning material used was refreshingly engaging and allowed me to improve my Arabic in a wide number of subjects including politics and economics. His patience and perseverance was second to none, so much so that I always felt comfortable asking for something to be explained to me even if it was the tenth time that day! Mr Amjad comes highly recommend to Arabic learners, beginners and advanced level alike.
— Nacer Rerizani, UK


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